Wolverine Christmas Ornament

It may be the final adventure for Hugh Jackman to portray the role of Wolverine in the latest film: Logan; but, is there any chance we will see him wear that classic costume of the most recognizable super-hero in the X-Men universe?

Maybe-baby! … and I expect it would be the ultimate thrill for fans- I am keeping my fingers crossed too!

DIY Wolverine Ornament: with only 3 paint colors (yellow, brown & flesh tone) in addition to black and white felt; you can make this easy ornament from an ordinary glass Christmas ball.  Now you can get your FREE downloadable mask pattern for Wolverine!

Wolverine is back and he's wearing his famous costume... make this DIY ornament from a Christmas glass ball to decorate your tree this year!
  • Project Type: handpainted glass ball
  • Skill level/Crafting time: Beginner/1-2 hours
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Designer: Jackie
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