Rocher chocolates: Reindeer, Teddy & Polar bear felt Christmas ornaments

For the purpose of this craft, the wrappers around these fine chocolates make glamorous noses for my winter creatures as felt Christmas ornaments.

My ♥ goes flip-flop over the FERRERO's fine chocolate "Collection!"

<Spoiler Alert: Do I like this trio of fine chocolates? Click here>

Can it be any more perfect to use the Golden hazelnut truffle for the deer, dark brown for the Teddy bear and white for the Polar bear?  Enjoy a fantastic evening making these very simple felt Christmas ornaments with a little love and a bit of glue!   No-sew PDF patterns available with directions for the Reindeer, Polar bear and Teddy bear.

Greater Blue,Inc. has no affiliation with FERRERO except for eating their chocolates and making fun projects.

My ♥ goes flip-flop over the FERRERO