Czech beaded Christmas ornament KITS

Get acquainted with crafting DIY Czech beaded Christmas ornaments!  The authentic hollow glass beads required for these Czech beaded Christmas ornament kits are still produced in the very same building which originally started blowing and handcrafting the beads at the beginning of the 20th Century!  How remarkable is that?

The preparation of blowing the glass beads and assembling the ornaments has changed little; but these patterns were carefully guarded family secrets!  Imagine that Dads and Grandpas usually did the glass blowing work; Grandma separated and cut the beads, Moms and kids strung them together and the tutelage was passed down only within each family, generation to generation.

No longer a secret..The company Rautis of Czech Republic continues to make these classic beads while offering a few more glass shapes, colors and some traditional technique guidance. Through the Rautis website or their United States retailer 32° North; you can now obtain individual beads to create your own unique design or venture on one of these precious beaded ornament KITS.


Easy DIY Czech beaded Christmas ornament you can make from authentic blown glass beads produced in very same building since the early 20th Century!
  • Project Type: Beaded ornaments
  • Skill level/Crafting time: some beading experience helpful
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Glass bead manufacturer: Rautis, a.s. of Czech Republic
  • USA Retailer: 32° North
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