Beaded Spider ornament kit: “Welcome to my WEB”

A beaded spider ornament especially made as a Christmas tree decoration touts an irresistible creepiness factor… which of course, makes it one of the TOP 10 most beloved ornaments in my house!  Who can resist a spider dangling from its web?  At least THIS ONE is glamorous AND… you don’t have the gross-disgusting factor of having walked face first into that sticky goo whilst pondering if this planet’s most ugliest spider is in your hair!!!  Believe me, I have mingled with one or two while taking a walk outdoors… and it will never be something I will easily forget!

This is the perfect ornament to put together to create those fantastic memories of the holidays; if that’s what you want for Christmas, right?

Beading kit includes metallic beads, bugle beads, faceted beads, bubble beads, starflakes, wire, and cording. 5½ x 6¼” (14 x 15.9cm).

FREE printable: “The Legend of the Christmas Spider”

Find the beading kit here (eBay link): “Welcome to my Web” spider ornament

  • Project Type: Beaded
  • Skill level/Crafting time: Intermediate/1-2 hours
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Designer: Sunrise Company