BLOG, GLÖGG (a wee bit more GLÖGG) then some Glitter and voilà …. Handmade ornaments!!!

The ornaments I have created within these walls could fill Santa’s Workshop and if I can tempt you to begin crafting your own handmade ornaments, your pride will shine and you will never say: “Meh” about your Christmas decorations again!



Cute “Nosy” felt ornaments to make with FERRERO Rocher chocolates

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“I purchased the FERRERO Collection for this craft” ….. ummm, not really…   That is my excuse… (and I stand … READ MORE

Yo Ho Ho Ho! Blimey Christmas decorations for Pirates and Seadogs [photos]

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Perfect Christmas decorations for Pirate of the Caribbean fans. Blimey! These handcrafted ornaments [photos] will amuse the most grisly Pirate, enliven a young Buccaneer, indulge an old Seadog and humor a Landlubber! … READ MORE

Guardians of the Galaxy movie: “I was GROOT” Christmas ornament

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Ingenious ornament for a Guardians of the Galaxy fan which also has my nomination for the “GEEKY-EST” ornament of the … READ MORE

Sequin Cupcake ornament kit

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Even though sequin ornaments have been around since the 1970s; they continue to be quite popular and this often makes … READ MORE

Which one is your favorite legend?

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VOTE for your favorite Legend: Bigfoot or Yeti on my Facebook page! If you are interested in more fun, be … READ MORE

DIY PokeBall Christmas ornament

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This is a DIY ornament that needs to be mentioned because while everyone is enjoying playing Pokémon Go, it would … READ MORE

DIY Polar Express Train Christmas Ornament

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  The first to wake up dutifully blows the whistle on this ornament to signal everyone to wake up: “It … READ MORE

Fishing you a Merry Christmas! Trout Good-Luck ornament

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Trout fishermen will be enthusiastic about catching these Christmas ornaments!   Trout fish symbolize GOOD LUCK for the New Year! Beautiful … READ MORE

little “Patron-ies” cork Christmas ornaments

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  Patron liqueur is exceptionally good… 😉 Whooa!  Now I remember last night & I also figured out how my … READ MORE

Glitter, Clothespins & Kids! 7 VERY EASY Christmas ornaments to make

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Christmas is a fun time to make cookies, go to parties, enjoy a school recital…. somewhere in the bliss of … READ MORE

THIS is going to be an Adventure…

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… a "BIG Awesome Adventure!" The ornaments I have created within these walls could fill Santa’s Workshop and if I … READ MORE